Joel scripted, produced, shot, edited, and color graded this spec ad for the Ooni Pizza Oven. Joel came up with the concept as a passion project to create a stylized commercial that conveyed who the oven was made for while showing its many uses. To accomplish these goals, casting the family was a key aspect in pre-production. Shooting was done over 2 months in a single location to maximize efficiency and avoid any unnecessary risk due to COVID. Joel then spent 2 months editing the final product.

Joel shot, edited, and color graded this commercial for the clothing brand CAN'T BUY RESPECT with 8 Creative. CAN'T BUY RESPECT wanted a commercial showcasing their NOT FOR SALE clothing line. All shooting was done over two production days at 3 separate locations. Writing, producing, casting, and directing was done by Tyson Hughes at 8 Creative with input from Joel. Because most of the cast were not actors, the crew had to stay very flexible around schedules and had to work on their feet during production. 
Sip Coffee

Joel created this commercial for Sip Coffee, a small coffee shop in Toledo, Ohio. This commercial was made for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, with the main focus being a showcase of the location and what products Sip offers. Sip prides itself on offering products from many local vendors, which Joel made sure to highlight. All production was done on location over multiple days while working with real customers. Joel was able to work during business hours without disturbing any of the regular operations.
Toledo Zoo Museum of Natural History

Joel created this promotion for the Toledo City Paper. The Toledo Zoo opened this museum as an updated space for the entire Toledo community to learn more about the history of our planet through hands on, family friendly activities. The goal of this video was to give the paper's audience an insight into what the museum looks like and entice them to visit it themselves. The entire project was shot during the highly publicized, initial opening of the museum.
Hario V60

Joel created this spec commercial for the famous Hario V60 Coffee Dripper. The goal of this commercial was to emphasize the classic design of the V60, while showing the change it will make to your morning routine. The V60 is a staple in modern coffee shops but also at home, which Joel kept in mind when showing its versatility. All production was done in one location to maximize efficiency and time.
Miss Cue Billiards & Darts

Joel was tasked with creating a promotional video for Miss Cue Billiards & Darts. The main focus of this commercial was to showcase the space and the many amenities the pool hall offers and to entice prospective customers to visit, due to Miss Cue's location in a shopping center. The project was shot completely on location in one day after detailed planning with the owner.
No Pain No Gain: Opioids in Ohio

No Pain No Gain: Opioids in Ohio is a documentary Joel made to highlight the opioid epidemic in Ohio, the fourth highest state in opioid overdose deaths at the time. The focus of this documentary was to put in perspective how aggressive this epidemic is and show the truth behind the companies making and marketing these drugs. The production of this documentary was done over the course of a year in many cities across Ohio, which forced Joel to maximize time and resources.
Gut Feeling - Nostalgia

Gut Feeling hired Joel to create this music video following a character based on the inspiration for the song. Joel worked closely with the band from start to finish by providing insight into initial ideas, scripting, and all through production. After Gut Feeling was happy with the vision, Joel organized and shot the music video across multiple days and in many locations, including reshoots due to sudden weather changes. Joel oversaw post production to get a final result that everyone involved was happy with.

Joel created this documentary about Mosaic, a ministry in Toledo, Ohio that is working to help the impoverished South End. The focus of this documentary was to highlight Mosaic's promise to help the neighborhood they're located in by providing numerous services including education for new parents and food drives. Joel shot on location at Mosaic's headquarters for 3 weeks, then spent 3 months editing the final product.
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